Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people with mobile phones regularly use them to send and receive text messages? It’s quite amazing that a form of communication that didn’t even exist a decade ago is now the fastest-growing way people interact with each other.

As a matter of fact – believe it or not – texting is now more popular than speaking on the telephone or even holding a face-to-face conversation with someone.

Whatever that says about our society, one thing is certain…

Businesses that want to genuinely connect with their customers in this day and age need to have an effective text message marketing strategy in place.

What is Text Marketing?

Text messaging is the practice of sending and receiving short messages via mobile devices and smartphones. Text Message Marketing is the process of reaching out to your mobile list with marketing messages and other types of communications.

In order to utilise this strategy, you will need to build a mobile list by getting people to opt-in by way of a free offer, discount, or other irresistible offer. Once they’re on your list, you can start sending them text messages on a regular basis.

These messages usually revolve around special alerts about discounts, sales, and other promotional offers. You can also send polls, conduct surveys, send valuable tips, and other types of helpful, engaging content that you think they’d be interested in.

Why Text Marketing?

Most text messages are received instantly and opened within just minutes.

So when it comes to staying connected to your customers and getting their undivided attention, Text Message Marketing holds more weight than other type of messaging, such as emails, Facebook updates, Tweets, and social media messaging.

Not only that, but sending out text messages is an extremely affordable marketing strategy when compared to other types of marketing, so it’s a great way to produce more revenue for your business without an extremely high investment.

The best Text Message Marketing campaigns are those that regularly engage and build a two-way dialogue with customers.

Did you know…

  • Text coupons are redeemed 10 times MORE than traditional coupon offers
  • 70% of consumers feel that text messaging is a good way to get their attention
  • 64% of mobile consumers have made a purchase as a result of receiving a text

Our Text Message Marketing strategies encourage this type of genuine connection with customers, so you can expect:

  • Immediate customer reach whenever you want
  • Ability to target your efforts to specific groups
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Increase in new leads
  • More brand awareness

How We Can Help You

Our innovative team of Text Message Marketing Specialists will create customised campaigns that are uniquely designed to achieve your objectives.

We have a proven track record of improving customer interaction and satisfaction, building brand loyalty, and promoting both new sales and repeat business via fast and effective text message marketing methods.

Our services include:

  • Mobile List-Building
  • Mobile List Management
  • Text Message Platform Management
  • Text Message Creation
  • Tracking and Monitoring
  • …and much more!

Let’s Get Started

If you’re looking for a fast and cost-effective way to build a relationship with your customers, then Text Message Marketing could be the right solution for you.

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