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How To Create Powerful Sales Funnels In WordPress In Minutes!

If you’ve ever wanted to create squeeze pages or landing pages in WordPress you’ll no doubt have migrated towards a solution like Optimizepress, Lead Pages, or some other similar plugin or theme to get the job done.

Both of those themes/plugins are great if all you want to create are quick and easy landing pages, but they have their limitations if you want to build out a website, or to create sophisticated sales funnels in WordPress with all the bells and whistles.

(I’ll expand on the limitations I mean in future articles, but if you’ve used either of the solutions above yourself, you’ll surely already know what I mean!)

So WHAT DO YOU DO when you want to….

  • Create opt-in pages that convert visitors into subscribers…
  • That lead them into sales pages that turn them into customers…
  • And, then walk your new customers through a sales funnel with…
  • Carefully crafted up-sells, cross-sells and down-sells built in?

Well, if you try to do that effectively with Optimizepress, or Lead Pages, I can tell you, from experience, that you, or your design team, are going to find roadblocks and hurdles to cross – things to get around – every step of the way.

I’m not knocking those WP platforms here by the way, because I subscribe to and love both in certain circumstances, but if you want to create actual “sales funnels” in WordPress and you want “the full package” then you need to check this out….

 WP Sales Copy

This is one SPECTACULAR plugin which creates mobile responsive sales funnels, with the hottest converting sales tactics ALL packed into one plugin.

You’ve got to watch Derrick’s video and watch him put it through its paces to see what I’m getting at here and I think you’ll be blown away at how easy this is…

WP Sales Copy

If you’ve ever wanted a 2-step optin plugin (with a full graphic library included)… or a countdown timer… or an upsell/downsell process that doesn’t quite fit with the norm, well, these are just some of the MANY features that are included.

“Exit pages” – yep, they’re included.

As well as easy redirection for both the countdown timer and your exit page.

And video? Just add a shortcode to your page through the WP editor and select from 4 different video platforms, then choose whether you want it to auto-play, whether you want controls to show, or whether you want a border.

You can even select when your buy button appears and it integrates with EVERY autoresponder, with multiple payment platforms built in, and on top of that, it works with any WordPress theme. All ‘point and click’ simple.

It would take multiple plugins to duplicate everything this ONE plugin does and you can pick it up today for a fraction of the cost of those other plugins and themes…

All the best,
Paul Graham
- Paul Graham
The Digital Marketing Hub

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