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How To Get Low Cost Facebook Traffic As Easy As 1-2-3

Yesterday I spoke about Facebook Remarketing and how, just by adding a simple little tweak to your website, you can actually get Facebook to build a list of your website visitors for you, which you can then market to over and over again.

It’s powerful stuff and if you missed my post yesterday, I’d encourage you to go back and read it now, because what I’m going to show you today ties in with that tactic seamlessly and there’s little point in getting low-cost, highly targetted traffic to your website from Facebook when you aren’t also tracking your visitors, getting FB to build a list of them and then remarketing to them in the future.

It all works in tandem, you see? Someone visits your website and whether they take action on their first visit or not, you’ve got them tracked and you know they’re interested in the topic of your website, so you can then place strategic ads that remind them to revisit your website while they’re browsing on Facebook, or even when they’re visiting a whole number of other leading websites.

That’s “remarketing” in a nutshell. It’s probably – actually quite definitely – the most effective advertising method I’ve ever seen online, or even “offline” to be honest, and it’s safe to say that I’ve been around the block a few times!

How To Get Low Cost Facebook Traffic

Okay, so you know Facebook has an advertising program, right? If you browse your feed you’ll see ads in the sidebar, but what you might not know is that ads appear in the feed itself too and that’s prime advertising space, because let’s face it…

That’s the section users are focussed on.

And Facebook allows you to place text, image and even video ads (that play automatically as the user browses past them) right in people’s newsfeeds.

To add further intrigue to the plot, Facebook has one of the most sophisticated “audience targeting” systems I’ve ever seen, so you can set it to show ads based on gender, age, location, hobbies, interests and a whole bunch of other personal information that you probably wouldn’t even have considered before.

This means that you can pinpoint, very precisely, your target audience, tailor your advertising message directly to them, and then have your ads show up right in the newsfeed that they (mostly) check multiple times a day to catch up with friends, to play games or whatever, and to see what’s happening in “their” world.

Like I said, it’s powerful stuff and when you combine that with their “remarketing” feature it transforms an ordinary ad campaign into a slick, well-oiled machine!

So that’s WHY you need to consider advertising your business on Facebook.

Now, I’ll explain HOW to do it as cheaply and efficiently as possible…

Facebook Advertising That Works

Most of you probably won’t have heard the name Reed Floren, but I’m sure you’ll have seen his ads. This guy was a pioneer of SEO and pay-per-click ads long before websites like Facebook even existed, so it was a natural progression for him to move onto “social media marketing” and the results he’s experienced from his advertising campaigns since then have been nothing short of incredible.

Reed’s a big budget guy and an avid tester, but by his own admission he’s also made every mistake in the book in his long career. That’s the kind I like to have in my corner and you should too, because it means that they obviously understand what not to do… as well what to do and WHAT WORKS… in equal measure!

And that’s no bad thing in my experience! ;-)

So, what does Reed Floren have to do with this?

Well, a few months ago Reed released a groundbreaking Internet Marketing coaching program that covered every aspect of running your own online business and it was priced at $997, but at that price it was obviously going to stretch the majority of people’s budgets, so he decided to break up the coaching program into modules and give people access to just the information they needed right now.

I wrote an article about his “Internet Marketing Beginners Course” a few weeks ago – which was a module from his coaching program – and that went down a storm, but in the last few days he’s released his second installment and it’s one of the most detailed guides to Facebook advertising that you’ll find anywhere.

Take a look at some of the feedback he’s received so far…

I was blown away with the amount of actionable information that Reed has in his latest course. I thought I knew most of the ins and outs of facebook ads but Reed certainly surprised me with some clever new approaches I never would have thought of! – Ryan Anderson

The information that Reed gives out is unbelievable. Without wanting to give too much away, Reed goes through how to target an audience, how to decide who to target, and how to create an ad that sells. He tells you how to broaden your reach so that you are not targeting the same people over and over! – Brona Bell

If I could summarize Reed Floren’s “How to Get Traffic From Facebook Ads” in a couple words, it would be “massive value”. As a Facebook marketer myself, I can’t help but look back to when I was getting started and how I could’ve used a course like this to dramatically shorten the learning curve! – Pedro Lopes

Being a facebook marketer I am impressed by how many new ideas I picked up from Reed in this Facebook Ads course. I would call Reed a contrarian marketer since his first instinct seems to be to avoid the path of the crowd and test new things. That’s the main reason I was able to learn so many new tips and strategies from this video walkthrough on building lists and a long term business from paid advertising on Facebook. Get this NOW! – Roger Auge

And these aren’t just some random, made up, testimonials – they’re all reviews from real people on one of the Internet’s busiest marketing forums!

So what’s included in Reed’s Facebook Ads training course?

Here goes:

  • What are Facebook ads?
  • Should I do Right Side or Newsfeed Ads?
  • How to Bid On Facebook Ads
  • CPC/CPM or Optimized CPM
  • How to Choose The Right Image for Your Ads
  • How to Get How To Get Traffic With Facebook Ads
  • How to Get Laser Targetted Traffic From Facebook
  • How to get Clicks for Pennies
  • How to Create Ads that Sell
  • How to Promote Affiliate Offers
  • How to Build Your List
  • How to Market to Your Existing Customers

And that’s just for starters, because you also receive…

  • Bonus 1-on-1 Business Accelerator Session 15 Minutes
  • Bonus Webinar  – Now That I Have Bought a Facebook Ad What’s Next?
  • How to Get Traffic with Facebook Ads PowerPoint presentation (PDF)
  • Mindmap
  • Checklist/Cheatsheet
  • Transcript
  • Customer Only Facebook Group

As you can see, this isn’t some flimsy 10 page ebook that explains nothing and leaves you with more questions than answers by the end of it. What you’ll receive here is a highly actionable course, with marketers at all levels singing its praises, and what’s even better is that you can pick it up right now for the price of a cup of coffee…

All the best,
Paul Graham
- Paul Graham
The Digital Marketing Hub

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